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It is often the story of travelers that motivates us to be interested in a particular traveler project. There are many travelers, as many as travel stories, but I wanted to bring you these that cheer my heart, that listening to them or seeing them makes me smile on my face. Inspire Me to keep traveling. I’m glad there are kids like them spreading art, culture, education, joy, and beauty around the world.

Given the state of work that ties us to the city (or at least it is my case), it is necessary to create empathy with some story to feel it as own, to get excited when they are happy, to feel sad if something wrong happens to them, and to go knowing about them when we can. It’s one of the many ways to travel without traveling. Of course, we can’t create empathy with all the travelers we’ve had, and for being there, so we have to choose which stories move us and move us more.

Here I bring you six stories of people traveling, and that for some reason, I like very much what they do, I like very much how they do it, and I like to know about them. I think they’re worth meeting.

Journey to the interior/ Chota India Tour (Little India tour)

Walk to the interior (formerly called the Journey of the Butterfly, and then Chota India Tour is a journey that held Eva Luna, Peruvian, Peter, who is Swiss and Pepe, the dog Coker. They go with their combi called “Hope” for the world, selling clothes and taking magical pictures.

Seeing your photos is like entering a fantasy country. She looks like a cartoon in the middle of landscapes that look like hand-drawn. She’s mystical, you can tell on her face. It has unique features, and its look, along with its bitter green and orange combo make fantasy photos. She sells clothes during the trip, from the brand she works for in Switzerland. He is his mirror, he is the reflection of his soul, his traveling companion, and together they complement each other to shine-he is the photographer who does wonders in every photo we see on his page. Pepe, the dog, is his faithful companion who makes it impossible to forget them. Together they are a rolling family looking for an inner journey.

To learn more about them or follow the butterfly’s journey you can do it through Facebook, through your fan page, called Journey to the interior, which you can visit by clicking here

This is the son of Alma, Quintin, Rosanna, and Guillermo. They’re circling the world with their home engine. This couple of General Pico, La Pampa, was doing circus for many years in Europe, they had two children, and they left again from Argentina to Italy to look for their truck to start making the dream of the round the world. They regularly make videos that go up to their YouTube channel, and they’re well prepared. They left Italy, passed by the House of Kostunica, were part of the Silk Road, and by March 2016 they were through India and Nepal.

By October 2016 they were generally Pico, their homeland, and were performing circus shows on South American lands.

Circus in Kombi

Circus in Kombi is an itinerant Social Circus Project carried out by Alejandra Pacing and Franco Boniface, two Argentine artists and pedagogues. Came from Argentina, take four years traveling, and now are in Mexico passing out smiles to everyone. I like it because it shows that they do it because they want it and because they have in their vocation as pedagogues the fact of educating the younger ones and bringing them joy. Now they are starting a documentary project mixing their journey with art, plastering images, music, and poetry in video documentary format. We can follow them through their Facebook page (Circus in Kombi), or their YouTube channel as well. Good luck to them. And if you want to get to know a little more about them, look on YouTube for the “travelers from here and the World” program, where Franco explains in an interview his trip with Allegra, and his projects. For these days, October 2016, so much magic and so much love made them bear a baby. They are now parents, and one more member of this traveling family is added. Best hits in his life for them.

Two cute freaks who had a beautiful little princess and now they’re portraying the world where they walk and spend their days. They call themselves Estrella, Diego, and Bella flor. It’s a real story of how they leave town to go back to nature. They are all poetry in images and music. The images Diego takes have a sensitivity that I rarely saw on any traveler. He portrays life mainly of his daughter and partner. And the videos are also real sensitivity. Images of a stunning purity. It represents the growth of a baby and love. Seeing these images fills my soul.

You can follow them through their Facebook page, or their YouTube channel. Their videos are in-depth, and if you have time to look at them, they’re not wasted.

I don’t even think I have to introduce them, because they’re the best-known of all travelers who dream of catching their dream. Herman, Candelabra, Pampa, Tehue, Paloma, and Walabi are a family that has been traveling the world for over 15 years. He was born in California but is one more Argentine. She is also Argentina and left Cardales for Alaska in a 1928 car. Many predicted that they would not be able to cross even the province, but 15 years later, not only did they reach Alaska, but they toured Asia, Oceania, Africa, and now they are about to enter Europe. During these 15 years, Pampa was born in the United States, These in Argentina, Paloma in Canada, and Wallaby in Australia. Their stories are typical of a movie, and they both have a spatial charisma that infects the desire to travel. A year ago, I met at his house in Cardales, and I got an energy that cannot be explained. And four sons, one more genius than the other. Pampa, the largest, besides speaking perfect English and Spanish, has as many stories to tell as many of our grandparents.

If you can, get your book “Catch Your Dream,” which you can find in any bookstore in Buenos Aires.

Anna is from Paris, France, and Diego de Coronel Pringles. They met in 2006 and began a journey that is not yet over. On the way, they had Mael and Ozuna, and they traveled and lived in many ways, among them, traveling by bike. And very recently they pulled out a book called” the other river ” where they tell a lot of their stories. They went ten years ago, and their images, drawings, art, poetry, and prose inspire them to believe in the right ways.

If you can, get your book the other river. If you visit your blog, there are places of sale where you can get it. I haven’t read it yet, but I already want to buy it because it’s pure moving art.

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