Travel Is My Passion

When I discovered my passion for travel?

I know many of you will wonder why so much pleasure and passion for travel? What is it that attracts me so much to completely abandon my culture and give myself to a new one?

And the answer is no other than: get away from my world for a while. That insatiable desire is about to immerse myself in a world that is unknown and mysterious to me that brings me particular magic like that of every place that one travels. One day I found that what filled my soul was going.

Yes, discovering new places that, far or near, invited me to take off from my world that always moved the same-like the hands of the clock -, finding every little corner impregnated with smells, colors, flavors, people and rhythms that, no matter how strange they were made to me, convinced me that there was my true passion.

In the beginning, it was not easy to give me the task of choosing places, where to begin? What’s the first thing I have to do? Where to look? But at least I had the most critical decision: to venture into the world and listen to that call that I felt since childhood. The decision at first involves you getting out of your comfort zone and the stability that we are sometimes so afraid to leave to “deco mode” you in the search for new challenges and the risks that always involve an original decision (SEE ALSO The Rat Race).

So, there I was standing – man, who wanted to acquire the title of “traveler,” but who still had many doubts. Many called me crazy, out of place, or immature. But I had the conviction that no one could live my life for me or tell me what would be what would make me happy, or what I should be.

Tips for living better happiness

“Study, form up, get a big job, then you’ll get your own house, and you can form a family. That way, you’ll get the life you’ve wanted.”

That’s the scheme that we’ve been formed with since we were little. And I, against all that paradigm, ventured to let go of that spirit of traveler who dwelt in me and who today convinced me that I was not wrong, that listening to the call of our heart is the best way to be happy (message for my children).

So, today, I want to invite you to discover what is this passion that moves you. Maybe it’s working and buying the house of your dreams. For all those who are working on it, I congratulate you! I discovered that mine is to travel and that I will become deaf ears when someone tries to destroy my dreams when those verrucous “steal dreams” appear (lee also steals ideas).

Most surely if I had listened to the voices of all those people, I would not be where I am, or rather I would not be what I am now: a passionate traveler and in love with life.

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