Action by Churches Together.  International church development agencies.

Adult Christianity. ‘Promotes the rights of the un-born again’… dissenting from religious abuse. Also, from those with first-hand experience, have a look at the Ungodly Fear archive.

Affirming Catholicism. A network of progressive catholic thought and action within the Church of England.

Anglican Communion Online. Not just the Church of England, you know.

Anglo-Catholic Socialism. Links to the radical tradition within the catholic stream of Anglicanism.

Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries in Los Angeles. Social action, spirituality and theology in tandem.

CAFOD. Catholic Agency for Overseas Development in England and Wales.

Catholic Institute for International Relations. First-rate research and advocacy.

Catholic Worker Movement. Particularly associated with Dorothy Day.

Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality. An oasis of sanity in the highly-charged world of discussion on these issues.

CEWERN. Churches’ East-West Relations Network, affiliated to CTBI.

Changing Attitude. Working for gay and lesbian affirmation in the Anglican church.

Church Action on Poverty. The UK-wide network.

ChurchNet UK. The wonderful, the weird and the worrying.

Churches’ Information for Mission. Working to understand the church of tomorrow. Research project.

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. The ecumenical body for the churches in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Church of the Annunciation. My home church in Brighton…

Church Urban Fund. Supports a variety of community projects.

Christian Aid. The churches’ world development agency. Also campaigns on trade, debt and globalisation issues.

Christian Peacemaker Teams. Committed to promoting nonviolence worldwide.

Christian Century. First rate US religious news magazine.

Christian Ecology Link. Action on environmental concerns.

Christian Socialist. A US home page.

Christian Socialist Movement. UK-based network of Christians engaged with the Labour Party and wider debate / action.

Community Building in Britain. Inspired by M Scott Peck and ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Links to National Association of Christian Communities and Networks.

Conference of European Churches. Protestant and Orthodox ecumenical body in Europe, with links to the Catholic Bishops’ conferences.

Deepsite. US Gospel and culture website – a bit too delineated for my taste, but interesting material there.

Distant Wind, A. Creative design partnership for Christian peace and justice groups, not-for-profits etc. Recommended.

ECONI. Equips Christians to handle community division in Northern Ireland.

Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance. An international campaigning network.

European Church Partnership. Twinning and other Europhile church relations.

Fish. Internet Service Provider established by Christian Aid. Recommended.

GRAS. Group to Rescind the Act of Synod in the Church of England, and to help end the discrimination against women it still legitimises. Also good links from their page.

Industrial Mission Association. With some excellent on-links on social, economic and industrial affairs.

InterFaith Network. Promotes positive relations between the faith communities in the UK.

Iona Community. A Christian centre of spirituality, justice and peace work and reflection.

Jubilee Group. A network of Christian socialists.

Kairos Europa. Christian-based grassroots social action network throughout Europe. Also Kairos USA.

Killing the Buddha. No, not an anti-Buddhist site. The best discussion netzine on religion you’ll find. God for non-botherers.

Landover Baptist. Peerless pastiche of fundamentalist nettery by two people who were kicked out of Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty Bell University. And lucky they were, in more than one sense…

L’arche communities worldwide. Christian community for those of different abilities and experiences.

LGCM. A campaigning network of lesbian and gay Christians and their supporters.

London Mennonite Centre. A good place to link through to Mennonite and Anabaptist resources in the UK.

Marynknoll. Radical Catholic mission site.

Mennonite World Conference.  A very good place from which to get to Mennonite resources worldwide.

Modern Churchpeople’s Union. An association of critical and open thinkers within the Christian tradition.

New Way of Being Church.  Creating processes for transformation in church and world.

One World Week. Annual nationwide UK initiative on development education, supported by the churches.

Operation Jesus 2001. A Belgian campaign for asylum seekers. In French. If you have difficulty, import it into the wonderful multilingual translation site they call, after the fish, Babel.

Other Side, The. Excellent radical Christian magazine from the US.

Pax Christi International. The international Catholic peace movement.

People and Planet. Formerly Third World First.

Plough Publishing. Interesting Anabaptist publishing site with an emphasis on justice,  peace and community.

Postmodern-Christian. Access to an email discussion group.

Quakers. The British Friends Yearly Meeting site.

Prodigal Project. An emergent church idea…

Radical Catholic Page. A huge range of resources, seeking to reclaim the tradition.

Relapsed Catholic. Where the religious rubber meets the pop culture road: faith & media news and commentary.

Salt of the Earth. An online resource for social justice. Claretian. Includes summary of Catholic Social Teaching

Ship of Fools. The internet ‘magazine of Christian unrest’. Some great satire and comment. Also Landover Baptist.

Tablet, The. UK Catholic current affairs and comment magazine. Highly rated.

Theooze. Postmodern protestant charismatic community, in case you wondered what that might look like! See also, on the general subject area, Martyn Percy‘s sharp analysis.

Third Way Cafe. Very good Mennonite media site.

Third Way magazine. No, not a Blairite organ, but a thoughtful (and open) evangelical news and comment monthly. UK.

TOLLS. Post-evangelical, post-linear, post-institutional Christianity. With a site map for the terminally disoriented. Great.

UK Christian Handbook. Online guide to the extraordinary, and sometimes frightening, variety of Christianity in these islands.

WATCH – Women and the Church. Keeps an eye on how the Church of England is treating half of humanity.

We Are Church. The international movement for radical change in the Roman Catholic Church.

Witness, The. ‘A feisty and opinionated journal since 1917’. Episcopalian and radical.

Women’s Alliance for Theology Ritual and Ethics. Mary Hunt and her co-conspirators.

WomenPriests. The struggle for women in RC holy orders.

World Council of Churches
. Enough said.

World Development Movement. Originally set up by Oxfam and Christian Aid.

                     WEB LINKS
Here are a selection of links to useful sites. Inclusion does not imply automatic approval of everything therein, but my commitments and interests in the theological and spiritual arena are well reflected here. Much more to be added, but 250+  working links is a start. Let me know if you have other suggestions.

Academic Info. Gateway to the gateways… the religion one is good.

Adult Christian Learning. A network arising from the work of advisers in the Church of England, but with ecumenical wings.

Alban Institute. Probably the premier site (USA) for congregational studies, resources and training in the denominational mainstream. Jewish as well as Christian.

American Society of Missiology. Forum for US missiologists.

Augsburg / Fortress Press. Good US theological publisher.

BBC Religion and Ethics on line. Some good links and some bad summaries of the world’s major faiths.

Biblical Studies. A useful portal and source of sources.

Birmingham University Theological Libraries. Exactly what it says.

Bonhoeffer home page. One of my theological lode stars.

Bossey Ecumenical Institute. A good place to study in Geneva, associated with the WCC.

Brill Academic Publishers. Good material on culture, religion, anthropology, theology and missiology. Dutch-based.

British and Irish Association of Mission Studies. Links academics and practitioners.

Cambridge University Press. Purveyors of high-qulaity theology, humanities etc.

Catholic Theology Library. In the spirit of Vatican II, but still pretty traditional.

Centre for Faith and Culture. A good RC think-tank in Oxford.

Centre for International Briefing. Based at Farnham Castle in Surrey.

Centre for Missiology and World Christianity at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Centre for Progressive Christianity. A source of some thought provoking material. Plus eight points of conviction to argue or agree with.

Centre for Religion in Public Life. Discussion and resources.

Christian Ethics. Very good set of web resources.

Christians in Society. An internet forum.

Christian Theology Sites – by tradition. US, Europe and a bit beyond.

Craighead Institute in Scotland, for integrating Christian faith and life.

CrossCurrents. An online colloquium and discussion about stuff that matters.

Council of Societies for the Study of Religion in the USA, but with wider references.

Continuum. High quality international publisher of theology and much more.

Currents in World Christianity.  A research project on missiology and world Christianity.

Darwinwars. Site of award-winning popular science writer and sceptical religious reviewer Andrew Brown.

Dictionary of Theology. Quite a find…

Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Just in case you didn’t get it under ‘B’ above…

Dirty Hippy Liberal Home Pages. A constructive response to a traditional US insult.

EarthBible. Reading the text from the perspective of the ecosystem. Part of ecology/religion site Web of Creation.

EATWOT. Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians.

Ecotheology. One of a range of journals published by Sheffield.

Ecotheology booklist. An excellent selection of resources by John Cobb Jr.

Faith Group Resources. Materials organised according to Christian denomination and communion. Much is US.

Faith and reason. In harmony, for once. Good links on scientific issues.

Faithnet. Formerly Christianity and the search for ultimate reason. A modest endeavour!

Feminist Theology. The very good Hulda hub. In English. German also available.

Fides Quaerens Internetum. A Christian theology portal. A bit Reformed, but some good links

German Society for Mission Studies. Their English-language site.

Gospel and our culture. The Newbiginites in Britain.

Harvard Divinity School. With some good on-links, including the Harvard Theological Review.

Henry Martyn Centre for the study of mission and world Christianity, Cambridge, UK. Superb missiology links.

Inclusive Christianity. Links to websites promoting an inclusive (that is, anti-exclusive) understanding of Christian faith.

Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research. A Catholic site.

Institute of Missiology – Missio e.V. Supports theological and philosophical studies in Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America, on a South-South axis.

International Association of Mission Studies. Very good links and an important journal.

International Journal of Practical Theology. English and German.

International Research Institute into Spirituality and Change. Based at the University of Bangor, Wales.

Internet Theology Resources. One of a range of guides with good on-links.

Irish Theological Association. Some good links from their pages, too.

Liberation Theology. A useful chronology.

Louie Crew. A source of much web-fecundity. Additional Anglican pages are also featured. Go there and see… Check out his wide range of religion links.

Lund Theological Books. That all-important second-hand book service.

Memory: Faith, Life and Ecumenism. An excellent global theology portal site.

Mennolink. Networking site to Mennonite and Anabaptist sources.

Missionary Collections in the UK. Definitive archive from the School of Oriental and African Studies, Uni of London.

Missiology – a definition. From a fairly traditional Protestant viewpoint, but a useful starter.

Missiology books, 1991-2000. Good selection by John Roxborough (NZ) from the Yale University library catlaogue.

MissiologyNet. A very good news and networking site.

Online Theological Publishers. A cross-section.

Orbis Books. Major publisher of liberation theology, missiology and third world theology.

Orthodoxy / Anastasis. A good place to start for Orthodox resources.

Peace Theology. A historic peace churches’ website based on a theological consultation in June 2001.

Pendlebury’s. Yet another great second-hand bookshop.

Philosophy and Religion. Good set of links to academic portals.

Physics and God from Aquinas to Quantum Mechanics. A series of lectures.

Post-Christianity. Selection of writings from the ‘Sea of Faith’ perspective (q.v.)

Principia Cybernetica. An international think tank on the web.

Process Theology Forum. All things flowing from Whitehead, Hartshorne, Cobb et al.

Project Canterbury. Anglican catholic texts and resources.

Pulp Theology. The self-confessed ramblings of Bradley Billings from Australia.

Radical Faith. Exploring faith in a changed world.

Religion and the Public Square. John Neuhaus, doyen of the thinking right — just to find out what they do think.

Religion in the UK. An online Guardian report.

Religion Online. Superb collection of theological material. See also the Farmington papers from Oxford.

Religious Studies. An excellent link site from the University of Otago, NZ, to world religions material.

Sarum Collage. An independent theological resource institute  linking to society, politics, spiritulaity, the institutional churches and more besides.

SCM Press. Probably the best single British theological publisher.

Sea of Faith. Don Cupitt and the ‘non realists’. We may disagree, but they are raising important questions.

SEDOS Bulletin. Wonderful and indispensible source of (so-called) Third World Theology.

Science and Spirit. Connecting science, religion, spirituality and life.

Science and theology. A web ring, with some good and some not so good material, inevitably.

Sheffield Academic Press. A publisher of deservedly high repute.

Sabeel. Ecumenical Palestinian liberation theology Centre.

Simone Weil home page, for a great and disturbing woman.

Society for the Study of Theology. The professional body in the UK. Organises good conferences.

Sojourners. Well-known progressive Christian magazine published from Washington DC.

Southern African Missiology Society. One of the best missiology sites. See also Steve Hayes.

State and religion in Britain. Some provocations on established religion.

St James Institute for the study of Anglo-Catholicism and social action.

Sussex Academic Press. Theology and religions section.

Theology Today. Home page of the US-based ecumenical quarterly journal.

Theological Exchange Resource Network. A good source of dissertations etc, especially in the US.

Third World Theology. Especially Asia and Korea.

Training resources. Compiled by Tim Gouldstone of Truro Diocese.

Trinity Press International. Quality theological publisher.

Urban Theology Unit. Sheffield’s finest. Has institutes on liberation theology, black theology etc.

Union Theological Seminary. Columbia, in the good ol’ US of A.

Virtual Religion Index. One of the best Gateway sites around. Rutgers University in the US.

Weststar Institute. Among other things, hosts the well-known Jesus Seminars.

Woodstock Theological Centre. Georgetown, USA.

World Association for Christian Communication. WACC is based in London, but is an international ecumenical body.

World Faith News. Good news source.


A future not our own. Possibly my favourite prayer / poem by Oscar Romero.

Cairns Publications in Sheffield, England. Much on prayer and (inclusive) spirituality.

Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico. Associated with ‘Radical Grace’ magazine and the Franciscan writer, Richard Rohr.

Centering Prayer. Christian meditation for beginners.

Diarmuid O’Murchu, M.S.C. on the kingdom of God.

Ethics, Justice and Life.  Teresa of Avila and human / planetary liberation.

Fellowship of St Therese. Dedicated to Therese de Liseux. Calming, peaceful, thoughtful.

Firewatch. A site dedicated to Thomas Merton.

Grace Cathedral in San Fransisco. A progressive Episcopalian centre for prayer, reflection, thought and affirmation.

Greenbelt Festivals. A thoughtful ‘Christian event’, for a refreshing change.

Greenspirit. The association of creation spirituality in the UK.

Ignatius Press. Catholic spirituality in the Ignatian tradition.

Imagination. A thought for the day from those Toll people.

Iona. Well-known ecumenical community in Scotland.

Julian Meetings, The. To foster the practice of contemplation in the Christian tradition. As in Mother Julian of Norwich.

Laughing Bird Liturgical Resources. From a Baptist community church in Australia.

Mount Athos. Twenty Orthodox monasteries.

Red Incense. Catholic socialist spirituality and action.

Richard Rohr. Some writings of the aforementioned Franciscan.

Sacred Space. A prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits.

Sedaqah. A Catholic spirituality site, linking prayer and social justice.

Shalem Institute for spiritual formation and wholeness.

Simone Weil quotations – from one of my favourite writers. Always lateral.

Sisters Online. Feminist spirituality.

Spirituality for a progressive church. Some reflections by George F. Regas, to get us thinking.

Spirituality reflections by Alison L. Boden.

Spirituality sites. A goodly selection.

St James’ Picadilly. A church concerned with those searching for alternatives.

Taize. Well-known ecumenical community in France.

Way, The. A review of contemporary Christian spirituality, based at Heythrop College, University of London.

Worship, alternative. Some signs of emergent church to thrill or terrify you (or both).


See also organisations, above.

Adbusters. Creative re-engineering of the advertsing culture. See also Subvertise.

Amnesty International UK. With links to other Amnesty sites, of course.

Aries. The comprehensive social economy online site.

Bradford Department of Peace Studies. A centre of importance in the UK university network and beyond.

Cafe Utne. Best cafe in town for alternative media ‘best ofs’ from the legendary Utne Reader.

CARECEN is the Central America Refugee Agency.

Christian Science Monitor. A good news source, whatever you think of CS.

Ecumenical News International. Excellent Swiss service available in English. See also Anglican Communion News Service, and in the USA the complementary Episcopal News Service.  The Missionary Service News Agency is called MISNA. Or you could try Catholic World News. Or Zenit, ‘the world seen from Rome’.

Fairtrade Foundation. A site for those based in the UK wanting to get hold of fair(er) traded products.

Femina. Website for women on women’s issues from the Cybergrrls.

Getethical. Very good ethical consumer website in the UK.

Global Reporting Network. Up-to-date news from the Globalbeat people.

Globalise Resistance. Opposing the growth of global corporate power through direct action.

Green Party in England and Wales is a good place to look for alternatives in an increasingly grey political landscape.

Independent Media Centre. Otherwise known as Indynews.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Especially good on the Balkans.

International Action Centre. A home page to internationalist campaigns, especially in the US.

International Broadcasting Trust. IBT provides high-quality programming on development issues.

International Federation for Alternative Trade. Beyond mere words about a fairer world…

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and Refugee Council. Major organisations supporting UK minority rights.

Jubilee Plus. Action against international debt.

Kyoto Accord. Here’s the UN protocol in full.

LabourNet. Trade union resources website based in Britain.

McSpotlight. The campaign to expose McDonald’s, seguing naturally enough to the International Vegetarian Union.

Multilateral Agreement on Investment. The different sides of the argument.

Minority Rights Group. International site.

Nation, The. US equivalent of the New Statesman, but with much more attitude.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns in the UK, working for asylum and refugee rights in an increasingly hostile climate.

New Internationalist. Still the best overall magazine on global development viewed from the underside.

New Politics. A campaigning think-tank promoting incremental radicalism. Formerly Democratic Left.

NetAid. An alliance of online development, empowerment and human rights organisations.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, just in case you’d forgotten about nukes.

One World Action. Strengthening the democratic process in support of the poor worldwide.

Panos. International non-governmental institute on global issues from a developing country perspective.

Policy Network. Premier progressive (centre-left) policy-wonk site.  Not forgetting Demos, of course.

Political Compass. A DIY test to see where you stand on the non-linear political spectrum.

Red Pepper. Spicing up the red, green and generally progressive political debate in Britain.

Religion and Ethics News Service. From the United Methodists in the US.

. US new-net-zine.

Schnews. A Brighton-based alternative media outlet with a growing reputation. Focus on direct action.

Statewatch. Monitoring liberties in the European Union.

Stop Esso. Go on, strike a blow against global warming.

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