1. Books

Fear or Freedom? Why a warring church must change (Shoving Leopard / Ekklesia, July 2008)
Threatened with resurrection: the difficult peace of Christ (Shoving Leopard, Edinburgh, 31October 2008)
The changing state of welfare: a matter of faith? (forthcoming – September 2008)
Changing the Subject: How the Gospel questions our answers (forthcoming)
Consuming Passion: why the killing of Jesus really matters (DLT, London, July 2005 — forthcoming) —
coedited with Jonathan Bartley
Christian Mission in Western Society: Precedents, perspectives, prospects (CTBI, London, 2001) – co-
edited with Graeme Smith
Expanding Horizons: Learning to be the church in the world (CiS Publications, London, 1995) – editor

2. Booklets

Presence & Prophecy: Study Guide (Church House Publishing / CTBI, October 2002) – for the
Mission Theological Advisory Group
Summarising ‘Building Bridges of Hope’ (CTBI, London, 2001)
The churches gathered and dispersed in witness (CTBI, London, 2000)
Toward communion: Recovering human sexuality as an ecumenical concern (Coleman Press, 1999)
The European Kairos Document (Sarum College Press, 1998) – editor of the English edition

3. Book chapters and articles

‘What kind of unity for what kind of mission in the twenty-first century?’, in (ed.) Judith Maizel-Long, Ways to
Unity: The Woodbrooke Papers Re-visited
Contributor to Sense Making Faith, ed. Anne Richards  (MIssion Theological Advisory Group / CTBI, 2007).
‘Alpha as a fresh ecumenical opportunity’, in ed. Andrew Brookes, The Alpha Phenomenon: Theology,
praxis and challenges for Christian mission today
(CTBI, London, 2007).
‘Talking nonsense to power’, in ed. Anthony Dancer, William Stringfellow in Anglo-American
(Ashgate, Aldershot, 2005)
‘What does it mean to build a culture of peace?’, in (ed) Chris Cole, Sowing Peace, Reaping Justice: Peacemaking in the 21st Century (Fellowship of Reconciliation, 2004.
‘Churches as small-scale conspiracies of hope’, in Changing Communities, by Peter B. Price and Jeanne
Hinton (CTBI, April 2003)
‘Foreword’, and ‘Building Bridges of Hope’,  in Jeanne Hinton,
Changing Churches: Building bridges in
local mission
(CTBI, London, 2002)
‘Unravelling the rhetoric of establishment’, in ed. Kenneth Leech,
Setting the Church of England Free: The          case  for disestablishment (Jubilee Group, London, 2001)
‘Re-engaging mission with theology in the West today’, in eds. Barrow & Smith,
Christian Mission in
Western Society: Precedents, perspectives and prospects
(CTBI, London, 2001)
‘Building Bridges of Hope’, in ed. Viorel Ionita,
Giving an account of the hope within us: The common call
of the European churches to mission
(Conference of European Churches, Geneva, 2001)
‘Experiencing the threat of new wine’, in eds. Alan Kreider and Stuart Murray,
Coming home: Stories of
Anabaptists in Britain and Ireland
(Pandora Press, Canada, 2001).
‘Patterns of caring for communities’, in eds. Sebastian Borck et al,
Creating an urban church network (EB-
verlag, Hamburg, Germany, 2000)
‘A friend in deed? Care and the community’, in ed. Michael Simmons,
Street credo: Churches and
(Lemos and Crane, London, 2000)
‘Can we educate the church to be an agent for radical change?’, in ed. Mary Grey,
Liberating the vision (La
Sainte Union, Southampton, 1997)
‘Called To Be One…What?’ in (ed.) Glyn Jones,
God Calling… (Mission to Seafarers, 1997)
‘Can church organisations learn?’, in ed. Barrow,
Expanding Horizons: learning to be the church in the
(CiS, London, 1995)
‘Church Action for Central America’, in
The Measure of Mission, Mission Theological Advisory Group (Church of England Central Board of Finance, 1987)

4. Journal / magazine articles [update needed]

‘Getting the Church To Be a Real Body’, in
Healthy Church, April 2004.
‘Can the Church sustain long term learning?’, in
AYCE Bulletin, Archbishops’ Council, C of E, Summer 2003.
‘Mystique, Politique and Sexualite’, in
Anglo-Catholic Socialism.
‘Beyond management to liberating hope: the churches in Britain negotiating change and decline’;
‘Building Bridges of Hope: A living laboratory for mission-minded churches’; and
‘Understanding post-modernity and secularity’, in
International Review of Mission, vol. XCII No. 364 (WCC)          – all March 2003
‘Signposts in a strange land’,
SMT: Swedish Missiological Themes, vol 89 no 4, December 2002
(published  January 2003).
‘Beyond the ties that bind: Anglicans, Anabaptists and disestablishment’, in
Anabaptism Today, Summer
2002 (Anabaptist Network)
‘Speaking truth in an age of public relations’, in
Focus, Council on Church and Media, USA, June 2002.
‘Circling the square: Moving between practical politics and eschatological performance’, in
, vol. 3 no. 2, May 2002 (Sheffield Academic Press)
‘Unleashing the vulnerable word: Ched Myers as a provocateur for a healing church’, in
British Journal of
Theological Education
, vol. 13. no. 2, February 2002 (Sheffield Academic Press)
‘Disturbing the faith: mission after September 11’, in
Connections, Spring 2002.
‘Changing the subject: preaching to the converted in a consumer culture’, in
The Reader, Summer 2001,
vol 98 no 2.
‘Investing in hope in a time of change’,
CCOM Annual Review, September 2001.
‘What is the truth? A reflection for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’,
The Annunciation, March 2001.
‘Hope beyond “the lotter society” ‘, in
Grassroots, June 2000.
‘Disestablishment’ – Letter in
Theology, May-June 2000 (SPCK)
‘Who owns the future?’ in
Foundations, William Temple Foundation, Autumn 1999.
‘Speaking in riddles’, in
The Annunciation, June 1999.
‘St Paul: Uniting our past and future’, in
The Annunciation, April 1999.
‘Apocalypse… really, when?’ in
Christian, No 1, 1999.
‘Editorial: Jubilee for whom?’, in
Christian, No 1, 1999.
‘The World Council of Churches beyond the eighth assembly’, in
Connections, Spring 1999.
‘Do we really have a choice?’ in
Christian, No 3, 1998.
‘Making mission meaningful: An interview with Sue Keegan von Allmen’, in Christian, No 2, 1998.
‘Encountered in God: A meditation’, in
Christian, No 2, 1998.
‘Encountering otherness in Christ’, in
Christian, No 2, 1998.
‘The tabloid pulpit: giving it to you straight?’ in
Christian, No 1, 1997.
‘Bill Violas’s “The Messenger”: An interview with Elaine Kennedy’, in
Christian, No 1, 1997.
‘Water: gift or commodity?’ in
Christian, No 4, 1996.
‘Spirituality left and right’, in
The Way: A Review of Contemporary Spirituality, January 1992 (Heythrop
College, University of London)
‘The maker of heaven and earth’ (Editorial), in
The Way: A Review of Contemporary Spirituality, October
1991 (Heythrop College, University of London)

5. Reviews [update needed]

‘The Public Face: The state of religious belief in Britain’, edited by Paul Avis, 2004, in The International Journal for
the Study of the Christian Church
, vol 4 no 1, 2004..
‘The Cross in Our Context’, by Douglas John Hall, Fortress, 2003, in Connections, voil 8, no 1, April 2004.
‘Seeking Faith’, Denys Turner, SCM, 2002, & ‘Steven Shakespeare, ‘Kierkegaard, Language and the Reality of God’, Ashgate Publishing, 2001,
Connections, Summer 2003.
‘God Save the Queen’, Ian Bradley, T&T Clark, 2002, in Crucible, April 2003
‘Against the Grain: The Gifford Lectures 2001’, Stanley Hauerwas, SCM, 2002,
Connections, Summer 2002.
‘The Fragmentation of the Church and its Unity in Peacemaking’, (eds.) John Rempel and Jeffrey Gros, Eerdmans, 2001, in
Anabaptism Today, Summer 2002.
‘To Speak of God in the Twilight: Towards a Theology of Mission in the Postmodern World’,  Tiziano Tosolini, Gracewing, USA, 1999, in
Connections, Autumn 2001.
‘Journeying Together Towards Jubilee: The WCC eighth general assembly’, Martin Conway, Oxford / Selly Oak, 1999, in
Christian, No 1, 1999.
‘God and the Web of Creation’, Ruth Page, SCM, 1997, in
Christian, No 2, 1998.
‘Grace and mortgage: The language of faith and the debt of the world’, Peter Selby, 1997, in Christian, No 1, 1998.
‘Elements’, Maggi Dawn, CD & cassette, n.d., in
Christian, No 4, 1997.
‘Theology and Sociology: A reader’, (ed.) Robin Gill, Cassell, 1996, in
Christian, No 3, 1997.
‘Retrieving Fundamental Theology: The three styles of contemporary theology’, Gerald O’Collins SJ, Geoffrey Chapman, 1993, in
Christian, No 4, 1996.
‘One Faith? Non-realism and the world of faiths’, David A. Hart, Mowbray, 1995, in
Christian, No 1, 1996.
‘Religion, Law and Society: A Christian-Muslim discussion’, Ed.) Tarik Mitri, WCC, 1995, in
Christian, No 1, 1996.

[Full catalogue of reviews 1990-1995 available on request]

6. Editorships

Editor, Connections: Resourcing Ecumenism and Mission (triannual), 1996-2000 (p/t, including launch). CTBI Churches’ Commission on Mission.
Member of the Editorial Board of
Christian magazine (quarterly) from October 1995 – October 2001. Associate Editor for issues 1/97, 2/98, 1/99, 2002.
Assistant Editor,
The Way: A Review of Contemporary Spirituality (quarterly), 1990-1991 (p/t). Heythrop College, University of London.
Changes: Renewing progressive politics (fortnightly), 1990 (f/t, including launch). James Klugmann Pictorials.

7. Miscellaneous

Quite a bit of liturgical material in a variety of ecumenically published books by Wild Goose, NCEC and others.

Also 35  further articles and reviews (yet to be catalogued in this bibliography) in Changes, Connections, Crucible, The Church of England Newspaper, The Church Times, Pro Mundi Vita, The Way and more. Prayers, resources and biblical reflections in six books / educational packs — National Christian Education Council, International Bible Readers’ Association, Partners in Learning and others. Credits for assistance in tenbooks by other authors. Letters in The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and varioius church and national newspapers.

Prior to 1990: Three business books on the Arab World, the Far East and Latin America edited for Graham and Trotman Ltd in the 1980s. Chapters for two books from the Latin America Bureau and one by Post Green Press.  Greenbelt and Post Green tapes. Over 120 journalistic pieces in The Financial Times, Seven Days, Middle East, City Limits, Tribune and others. Numerous educational resource packs for CMS and other church agencies.                                                                                

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