Best Places to See in Europe

If you are one of our readers who live in the American continent and are going to travel to Europe, it is essential to organize the trip well because there are many excellent places and you know that it will not give you time to know everything.

So from the beginning, you have to be clear which cities you are going to visit because you are going to have to choose. With this guide, we aim to help you organize your trip through Europe by suggesting a route that includes the most outstanding cities from a tourist point of view, which you should visit. This guided route can be adapted depending on the days available for your holiday in Europe.

We also provide you with the information you need to visit each of the recommended cities, as well as the excursions you can make in each city and where to sign up for guided tours in Spanish. Some tours include several cities that can facilitate the organization of the trip.

By way of example, you have the 5-day tour for the best of Italy, the 4-day visit to Andalusia and Toledo from Madrid, or the visits to cities near Paris such as Normandy, Mt Sant Michel or the castles of the Loire Valley

These excursions include accommodation, transportation, guide in Spanish, tickets to monuments, and meals. They are perfect for those who travel in groups, or even for those couples who like to meet people on trips.

How to travel around Europe

To make a route through the most prominent European cities, you should know that you will have to take several flights by plane to save time, but the good thing is that flights across Europe are very short-lived.

This route we propose takes about 25-30 days and is designed so that you can visit as many major cities as possible in Europe. At the same time, you can make the modifications you think most suitable to adapt it to your tastes and preferences, making excursions from some of the cities, for which we suggest the most recommendable.

The Principal cities to visit in Europe

That is, you have to keep in mind that when booking flights, you must start the trip in a town and end up in another.

  1. Madrid

We start this trip through Europe from the capital of Spain. It is a city that in recent years is having a great tourist boom, and the best we can say is that those who visit it fall in love with it for its excellent and welcoming atmosphere.

Despite its large dimensions, Madrid is a very comfortable city to visit as most of its heritage and attractions are located in its historic center. To highlight it’s significant museums, highlighting the Prado Museum, and corners like Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor or Parque del Retiro. You will need a minimum of two days to visit Madrid, and if you have time, book an additional day or two to visit its surroundings.

  1. Barcelona

The modernist city of Barcelona is one of the most fashionable in the world, and rightly so. It is 600 km from Madrid, but less than an hour by plane with flights almost every hour, although you can also go on the fast train (AVE) that arrives in three hours. Compare the prices of the two options, because depending on the date it can be cheaper one or the other.

It is the land where Gaudí made some of his masterpieces that attract millions of visitors and that make up the unique urbanism of the city of Barcelona, where the impressive Sagrada Familia stands out. But there are also many other highlights such as the Gothic Quarter and its Gothic cathedral or the beautiful Cathedral of the Sea. It is also located in a spectacular setting such as the Mediterranean coast, which promotes a great climate throughout the year.

  1. Rome

From Barcelona, there are frequent flights to Rome, so in less than 2 hours you will find yourself in the historic Roman city. Capital of one of the essential empires in the history of humanity, Rome retains an impressive heritage.

It seems a miracle that, after more than 2000 years, significant buildings like the Roman Colosseum or the pantheon of Agrippa have reached our days. Rome is vast, and you need a minimum of 2 days since you also have to include the Vatican visit.

If you want me to give you time to see everything, the ideal is for you to sign up for some excursion or guided tour, because the city is so big and has so many corners to see, that in two days you will hardly have time and that visit will take you directly to the most outstanding places.

These visits also usually include tickets to all the monuments that you are going to see, and so you save having to wait for queues to enter and speed up your visit.

  1. Florence

Florence is another one of those cities in Italy that can certainly not be missed on a trip to Europe. It’s the cradle of the Renaissance and one of those cities that gives you more than you expected and to which you would return without hesitation. From Rome, it is best to go by train, whose ticket costs you about 30 euros, and in just over an hour you are in the center of Florence.

To visit Florence in-depth you need two days, and as in Rome, it is advisable to start your visit by signing up for a tour with a guide in Spanish that puts you in context of what you see so that you can take advantage of the time.

  1. Venice

Venice is the city of the canals, where there are no cars but boats, and which you find just over 500 kilometers from Rome. To travel to Venice from Florence there are several options, as you can go by car, train or plane, but if you are short of time, the ideal is the last two options.


Always full of tourists, this is understandable because Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. St. Mark’s square, with its beautiful Byzantine-style Basilica, and the Grand Canal will be the two main axes of your visit, which you can round off with a gondola walk through its canals.

  1. Berlin

To follow the proposed route, it must be done by air, as it is the fastest way to the center of Europe. In a little over an hour and a half, you would arrive in Berlin, and two hours in Amsterdam.

Visiting the capital of Germany would require you to spend at least two days, so it is an option to consider only in the case of a long-term trip. Here are the highlights to see in Berlin, as well as information about tours and excursions you can do in the German capital. If you can travel on the days of your trip, you have the option to travel to other important central European cities, such as Prague, Budapest or Vienna, but also Warsaw, Krakow or Munich,

  1. Prague

All these cities justify making a route through central Europe on another journey across the continent. And in particular, we want to highlight Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, a correct fairy-tale city, where you will see its best corners in the Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle enclosure, where the cathedral is located.

  1. Amsterdam

Having visited Venice, you will find that Amsterdam is a city that also stands out for its canals, but with a very different style than the Italian capital, and in an area of Europe where it is tough to see a hill.

Amsterdam is one of the world’s cities with the least restrictive laws in areas that in other countries are condemned with the death penalty. But there is more to this factor that is so linked to his image, Amsterdam is an incredible city full of flowers and mills between channels, and where among other attractions you have the van Goth museum, a must-visit if you like the work of this artist.

Also, it is one of the cities of the world where the environment is taken care of the world; bicycles and boats are the kings of the streets and canals. Another advantage is that you are in one of the best-connected regions of Europe by train, which allows you to get quickly and comfortably to other Dutch cities, such as The Hague, in even the very near Belgium.

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