For those who enjoy typologies, here’s one I devised for a workshop on ‘models of mission’. Like all constructs, typologies reveal our instincts. Have a go yourself and see!  I have, needless to say, worked with developed images from the Christian tradition. There are conceptions of mission which are more pluralistic than any of these. I don’t discount them. I think we need a dialogue of models and approaches, though I will not disguise the fact that I think the first one I’ve depicted is theologically and humanly inadequate…

You are meant to read laterally, by the way…

Style / Content                                                         Ethos                                God model

1.             Pastoral Individual care, needs provision                    We do to you                      God with us

2.             Diakonal Service(s) and partnership                           We do for you                     God among us

3.             Prophetic Advocacy and change                                 We do with you                   God for us

Jesus model                      Eucharistic emphasis              Priesthood                      Orientation

1.            Kingly                                   Holy elements                              Received                          Tradition (authority)

2.            Servant                                Holy tasks                                    Shared                             Travail (pilgrimage)

3.            Radical                                 Holy people                                 Grown                               Transforming (inspiration)


1.            Dependence

2.            Independence

3.            Inter-dependence

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