Reporting from CWME 2005

05 August 2005

WCC looks at new forms of church belonging (RCA)

01 July 2005

WCC Ecumenical Letter on Evangelism

04 June 2005

Witnesses for peace: on evangelism (blog)

23 May 2005

CTBI calls for fresh focus on evangelism (Ind Cath News)

20 May 2005

WCC has Good News to share, say mission leaders

A global vision of reconciling mission (reflection)

CWME 2005 - Seeking inspiration together (Christian Today)

Call for fresh WCC focus on evangelism

19 May 2005

Final statement from CWME

15 May 2005

Historic mission meeting ends in the footsteps of St Paul

Jesus was a youth, Christians told

Ecumenists seek to recover evangelistic emphasis

Churches face up to world Aids pandemic

Women help to redefine Christian mission

Recovering the kerygma (letter to WCC on evangelism)

Listening to the Spirit in the churches (weblog story)

14 May 2005

Catholic leaders say 'yes' to unity, justice and peace

Beyond the polity of death (opinion)

13 May 2005

Christians in army resort promote non-violence (ENI)

Orthodox seek unity in face of dissent

12 May 2005

Peace anchors gospel witness, church leaders told

Globalization needs communion, theologians say

Radio interviews: UCB and BBC World

Chinese Protestants aim to show faith as beneficial to all people (ENI)

11 May 2005

Healing is more than curing, says disabled Christian

Chinese churches face challenges of growth

Link with the world on your doorstep, churches urged

Protestors say mission conference is a gay communist plot

Pope to meet WCC head as churches look to new era

10 May 2005

Church must repent to be truthful, says WCC head

Pain of a divided city is carved into a cross

Olympic Village converted to Christian Centre

World Mission Conference makes history


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British and Irish participants' Yahoo Group
The thirteenth Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, organised by the World Council of Churches, has been taking place near Athens, Greece, from 9-16 May 2005. The Conference has been webcasting live twice a day.  The complete resources are here.
British and Irish particiopants meet
at CWME (pic: Philip Knights)
CWME gathers from across the world
(pic: P Williams, WCC)
Worship at CWME
(pic: P Williams, WCC)
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