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Theology, science and the problem of ID.  Why 'intelligent design' is bad theology and non-science.

Historic moment as indigenous Australians finally get their apology (news, with Doug Hynd)

Re-thinking religion in an open society. Paper for an Oxford ESRC research seminar.

What difference does God make today? Major paper on theological foundations in a post-modern context **

An economy worth believing in. Summary of a range of investigations on faith and economy.

Reconsidering the secular. A prospectus for an ongoing research process.

When the saints go marching out. Re-defining St George for a new era.

Facing up to fundamentalism: a description, analysis and review.

Redeeming religion in the public square. A re-configuration from a radical Christian perspective.

What future for marriage? Looking at the distinction between religious and civil partnerships.

Briefing on Christian Peacemaker Teams: Q & A on the 2005/6 hostage crisis in Iraq.

Is God bankrupt?: a theological response to Prosperity with a Purpose. (Detailed analysis of CTBI economy report)

Consuming passion: why the killing of Jesus really matters (book summary).

Rethinking hate speech, blasphemy and free expression:  an Ekklesia response.

China on our minds: How western Christian thinking is challenged by the Chinese experience.

Bush criticised for claiming God told him to go to war (see quotes therein; from Ekklesia).

Which 'one' are we? Missio interruptus or 'unity postponed'. A *.PDF transcript of a paper on the future of ecumenism delivered to the Centre for Ecumenical Studies within the Cambridge Theological Federation earlier this year (2005).

God and the politicians - where next? A response for Ekklesia to David Aaronovitch's BBC TV programme.

Christian Socialists want to hold Blair to justice agenda Ekklesia interview with Andrew Bradstock.

Why the
Guardian makeover excites religious fervour. Ekklesia feature article.

Behold the woman. A reflection on the Ecce Homo and Alison Lapper Pregnant statues (from FaithInSociety)

After absolutism: the world, the church and the papacy. Benedict XVI and reformational Christianity.

Beyond the politics of fear. A response to the bombings in London.

A strange new peoplehood in God. Sermon for St Stephen's, Exeter, on slavery and liberation

Anabaptist perspectives on war and peace today. Notes towards a chapter on ethics and Anabaptism.

Beyond the polity of death. An Ekklesia reflection from the WCC world mission conference.

Recovering the kerygma. A letter to the World Council of Churches from CWME British & Irish participants.

China's churches aim to show faith. News story for Ecumenical News International.

Between here and the ends of the earth. Reflections on 'global', 'mission' and 'network' (CTBI)

Is God bankrupt? A theological response to Prosperity With A Purpose (Ekklesia *.PDF file)

The case for disestablishing the Church of England, with Jonathan Bartley. Church of England Newspaper.

Is God a disaster area? A piece on post-tsunami theology: also appearing on several other websites.

From gloom to glory: finding out who (and what) we are becoming. WPCU. Bethnal Green Meeting House.

Tsunami prayers: a resource page also containing worship materials and news.

In Christ suffering is faced but not effaced. A reflection on Buber, Pinhas and the Christian tradition.

Song, Speech and Silence: An Emmaus journey. Meditative reflection on God's ways among us. For Cliff College.

Ecumenism in partnership with mission. The story of CCOM, for Gospel and Culture.

Derrida among the theologians
. An assessment of the famous French philosopher.

Learning of Christ in street and study. Speech to Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, PR China.

Signs and blunders: indicators of church health. Article for Healthy Church magazine, Winter 2004/5.

Stand, take, walk: God's Restoration of Our Humanity (Mark 2. 1-12). Wood Green Mennonite Church.

What does it mean to build a culture of peace? Seminar for the Fellowship of Reconciliation.

Understanding mediates faith. Connections review of Jonathan Hill's 'The History of Christian Thought'.

Churches say 'no' to racism. News piece on Ekklesia.

Cruciform mission? Liberating the Passion from limited theology. A review of Douglas John Hall's 'The Cross in Our Context' from Connections.

Getting the church to be a real body. An article in Healthy Church magazine.

Analysing 'public faith' in Britain today. Excerpt of a review for the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church.

Unravelling monarchy. A review in Crucible of Ian Bradley's defence of monarchy's spiritual values.

After the Jubilee Group: Taking the radical Christian social tradition forward. Paper for the St Matthew's House consultation.

Christian communities challenge exclusion in Europe.  News story about CEBs, for Ekklesia.

Turning the church inside out. The gift of Hilary Ineson. Article for AYCE bulletin.

Mystique, politique and sexualite. A reflection on the Anglican Primates' meeting on Anglo-Catholic Socialism.

Secularisation and postmodernity as challenges to Christian mission from World Council of Churches website - Brekklum consultation. Also appears in International Review of Mission.

Keeping the wrong kind of religion out of politics.  The dark side of our scriptural inheritance. Ekklesia column, September 2003.

Changing the world, changing Christianity? Introductory piece for FaithInSociety weblog.

Creationism - an evolving problem? Responses to this distortion within religious and scientific discourse.

What does it mean to be 'biblical'? A response to BiblicalLiberal.Com.

A 'living laboratory' for changing churches. Article on Building Bridges of Hope, from the WCC International Review of Mission.

Grassroots call for an inclusive C of E. News article, 12 August 2003.

Will sex undo the Anglican Communion? An article written at the height of the Canon Jeffrey John affair.

Why history cannot save us (or Blair)Ekklesia column on the theological folly of political self-justification.

Satisfaction ahead of consumption (The Beatitudes: hungering for justice)

Mercy in a messy world (The Beatitudes: the disposition of the merciful)

Beyond consolation?   (The Beatitudes: those who mourn)

Earthly ambitions, divine promises (The Beatitudes: gentleness in a brutal world)

Why the undeserving poor matter most (The Beatitudes: the poor in spirit and in economy)

Nothing like a quiet life (The Beatitudes: the peacemakers in a world at war)

Seeing and acting differently (The Beatitudes: purity of heart)

Why Global democracy isn't a bad idea.  Moving beyond practical and theological inconsistency.

Is the new imperium an old illusion? Dissecting the 'New American Century'. A column for Ekklesia.

Human meaning in divine question. A review of Kenneth Cragg's 2002 book, 'Am I Not Your Lord?'.

Mission in transition. The CCOM annual review 2001-03. Linked from CCOM.

Faith requires understanding: reviews of Denys Turner and Steven Shakespeare.

Signposts in a strange land: the second European missiology conference on 'Mission in Postmodern Europe'

Trying truth and Kitschmas cheer... A seasonal thought.

Globalisation and mission
. Biblical reflections from the 2002 CCOM Conference.

Churches and peacemaking Review article, Summer 2002.

The art of suffering hope. Methodist Art Collection, sermon in London. June 2002.

Speaking truth in an age of public relations, Council on Church and Media, Washington DC, June 2002.

Victory that does not overwhelm. Washington DC sermon, June 2002.

Beyond the ties that bind: Anglicans, Anabaptists and disestablishment. Journal article.

Going against the grain. A review of Stanley Hauerwas' 2001 Gifford Lectures, published in 2002 by SCM Press.

Who owns the future? Michio Kaku and futurology. Past conference summary article.

Investing in hope in a time of change. An article from the 2001 CCOM review.

The Orthodox Church today:
Problems and opportunities in the new millenium. Notes of a lecture by Bishop Kallistos Ware, with questions.

The word and world turned upside down: William Stringfellow. Excerpts from a chapter in a forthcoming book.

What type of Christian Mission in what type of Western Society? Notes from the Waterloo Mission Seminar, 5 Feb 2002.

Facing back or hoping forth? The church and its earthly rulers. An article from a seminar / workshop.

Mission as an ecumenical challenge. Giving an account of the hope among us. Paper with a response--dialogue.

Bonhoeffer's Life Together. God and the world re-understood in Christ.  A sustained reflection.

Living beyond our means. Hope and ethics in a demanding world. Article.

Disturbing the faith after 11 September -- the missionary challenge and the challenge to mission. Also A clash of logics.

Prayers for the bereaved and grieving... with so much to grieve about in the world.

Freeing the churches in England from monarchical illusions. Recent talk (Jan 2002)

Renegotiating the text. A review of Walter Brueggemann's 'Texts Under Negotiation: The Bible and Post Modern Imagination'.

God in and through the shadows. A review of Tiziano Tosolini's thoughts on God and postmodernity.

Mission and the matrix of modernity:  excerpt from Christian Mission in Western Society.

Jesus Christ and the challenge to Christian identity. Moving beyond arguing about Christology. 

The Bible in missiological perspective. How do we situate the text in an intertextual world?

Evangelization and human freedom. Is Christian proclamation worldly imperialism? 

A short bibliography of mission in western society. Excerpted from CMWS.

Land, hope and glory? The multiple meanings of land and its consequences for faith and human struggle.

Deconstructing the myth of missionary origins? A response to Alan Le Grys.

Experiencing the threat of new wine
(article on my theological pilgrimage, published by Pandora Press Canada, but with the resoration of two significant cuts they made without my agreement!)

Peaceful mission
: a response to the WCC Decade for Overcoming Violence and Building a Culture of Peace. This is written as a confessional piece within the ecumenical tradition. If I was doing an account for those outside the Christian tradition I would express things a little differently. Christian language has to engage publicly. It cannot just become 'in-talk' if it is concerned with the oikumene.

Changing the subject
: preaching to the converted in a consumer culture. A recent article from The Reader.

What does it mean to be wise?:
a sermon on wisdom and counter-intuition.

Speaking in riddles
: an article from The Annunciation magazine. More on wisdom and the peculiar ways of the Word.

The world made strange: a sermon on the upside-down commonwealth of God.

Living in the perspective of resurrection
: a sermon on what we might mean when we say that 'God raised Jesus' and what difference it might make from a Christian perspective. In danger of speaking beyond what may be spoken...

St Mark and the healing of bodies
is a summary of a workshop with Ched Myers on the human body, the body politic and the Body of Christ. I have done a more detailed article for future publication in the British Journal of Theological Education.

What's love got to do with it?
: knowledge, meaning and trouble with the relatives in a postmodern world. This is a big risk. It is a work in progress. An attempt to give a theological account of epistemology, and an epistemological account of hope. So do drop me a note and tell me where I'm going right or wrong!

Christian unity - is it all a waste of time? A question we may often have asked...

What is the truth? Christian thought beyond the fixity and certainty which it has often craved too much.

Post-denominational Christianity: a paper originally delivered to Churches Together in England.

Christian hope beyond the 'lottery society'
:  Well, any hope really. I was asked by Grassroots to write a piece on what keeps me going in spite of it all.

African Christianity's public role
: my notes of a very stimulating and provocative talk by Paul Gifford of SOAS.

St Paul: uniting our past and future: Is the founder of Christianity as an 'institutional' religion a help or a hindrance today?

The World Council of Churches beyond the eighth assembly:
reflections from Harare.

Journeying towards Jubilee: the significance of the WCC for local churches.

Apocalypse... when, exactly?: musings on Millennial expectations.

Three trajectories of Christian mission. For plotters, planners and those who are suckers for typologies!

Toward communion - recovering human sexuality as an ecumenical concern: A web version of the 1999 Coleman Press booklet.

Bread is for sharing - 1 and  Bread is for sharing - 2: reflections on biblical passages, previously published, which seek to hold together spirituality with critical thought and action.

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